What Makes Wet Knot® Boots the Most Comfortable Rain Boots Available

Womens ankle boot & ankle boots for women, learn what makes Wet Knot Waterproof boots the most comfortable ankle boots.
Have you ever been walking through the rain and your sloppy rubber boots just aren’t cutting it? They feel heavy, hard to get around in, or they’re so loose-fitting they seem like a tripping hazard.
We have!
That’s why the team at Wet Knot® created Wet Knot’s timeless-meets-waterproof designs delivering maximum comfort. What’s behind the most comfortable rain boots available on the market today? We narrowed it down to four main features.
1. Innovative Waterproof Material
Most rain boots are made out of rubbery plastic material that makes them waterproof, but often also heavy and stiff. According to the experts on the Wet Knot design team, our boots are made from an innovative new compound that make them lightweight and flexible, helping them take the lead in the comfort category. In fact, our Surrey rainboot is half the weight of other similar tall standard rainboots and that lighter weight, combined with the flexible material and construction, make them easier to get around in, delivering all-day, easy-stride comfort.
2. Contour Footbed Shape with Cupped Heel
Our Surrey rainboot features a distinct contour footbed structured heel cup, providing stability and balance. That may sound like a mouthful, but essentially, this feature reduces the foot from sliding about inside the boot and addresses the sloppy feel one might find in other similar rainboots.
3. Memory Foam Insoles Create Comfortable Rain Boots
Let’s talk memory foam—the latest technology found in everything from furniture to dog beds, as well as our best-in-class rain boots. As the name suggests, this smart technology takes the impression of your foot shape—and remembers it—providing unique cushioning to each foot part: toes, ball, arch and heel. Memory foam gives feedback and bounce and increases comfort, absorbs heel shock, minimizes fatigue, eases foot pain, and increases efficiency.
Less tired legs mean easier walking. Most rainboots out there have a single layer, flat insole, or often no insole at all, meaning your foot has little cushion between it and the pavement. So, these boots are not only waterproof and stylish[1] , but they also deliver comfort beyond other rainboots.
4. Moisture-Wicking Fabric Lining
Our feet sweat, and even more so in a waterproof boot. The entire interior of Wet Knot boots is lined with a moisture-wicking fabric. This hard-working fabric has two jobs:
1. to quickly wick, or move, moisture to the fabric’s outer surface further from our skin and
2. to be fast-drying
This feature of Wet Knot boots delivers enhanced comfort and also helps you regulate the temperature inside the boot so your skin is touching comfortably dry fabric.
We don’t mean to get all “footwear techno” on you with this blog post, but when buying the most comfortable rain boots available, it’s important to look for these key call-outs.
The classic Wet Knot Surrey rainboots come in traditional yellow, black and red colors. All of Wet Knot boots are waterproof and possess the important features outlined above.
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