Rain or shine our waterproof boots are a great way to accessorize your wardrobe!

Rain or shine our waterproof boots are a great way to accessorize your wardrobe!

   There are always people that look amazingly cute and put together when wearing rain boots.  Sometimes it feels like wearing rain boots is just too practical and unfashionable, you feel like they might ruin your outfit, or worse, not even keep your feet dry. But here at Wet Knot boots we want you to stay dry and look chic, simultaneously!

     So in this blog we have gathered a few style ideas so that you can ease into fall with a new pair of classic rain boots that will add a great addition to any wardrobe and not break the bank. Who wants to run through city streets and get soaking wet so you have to go home and throw everything in the dryer. We are here to prove to you that rain boots can actually update your wardrobe and make you look effortlessly chic even without having to spend too much!

     So it’s simple, you just need a few great ideas so you can know how to pair your Wet Knot waterproof rain boots. In this post we are going to help you style your rain boots with almost anything; from shorts to leggings, to dresses, and yes, to the ever enduring trench coat. Here are some great stylish Ideas for how to wear your waterproof Wet Knot boots and style them in a way that best fits your look.

     With fall coming, so are the rainy days, but even so, it doesn’t need to be raining to wear some of the cute waterproof boots that are in Wet Knot’s fall collection. Our rain boots are designed with the intention of keeping you chic with classic silhouettes, but with some fun flairs, and pops of color to accessorize your fall wardrobe. Once we show you how cute our boots can look, you will beg for some rain to come so you can finally wear your rain boots! Here are some fun ideas for our rain boots for fall, casual or even a bit dressed up.

      Recent magazine articles in some of the best fashion magazines are saying that rain boots can be a great way to accessorize an outfit- rain or shine! So for a smart looking and beautiful look, you can play around with color contrast. Try pair black rain boots with a bright yellow jacket. Or you can wear the bright yellow boots with a jean jacket! For the rest of the outfit, you will like to keep it minimal by wearing skinny jeans and navy horizontal striped tee. This outfit idea is a classic is because the bright yellow really balances out the darkness and cheers up the dreariness that comes with the rain. This outfit is a great eye-popping look.

       For a low key, girl-next-door fall look, you can simply wear dark grey rain boots with skinny jeans and a white sweater. A scarf and a grey coat will complete this fall look perfectly.

       Another fun idea is to wear shirt dress in the fall.  Wear a grey t-shirt dress with black leggings and grey boots. You could also  wear a grey coat and a knit hat with this outfit. Or you could just wear a simple creamy knit dress with some red boots and look ready to go as well!



     Another fun idea is to pair a trench coat with rain boots. This time,  try it with yellow rain boots and charcoal trench coat. Add a little bit of twist by wearing a black and white horizontal striped t shirt dress or sweater dress. That’s the French girl or British girl classic!

     Looking for a minimalist look, then simply wear a long sleeve horizontal striped t-shirt with black boots. You can choose between skinny jeans or leggings. It is just a simple and casual street outfit idea that works. Or just skinny jeans with a casual sweater and tall rain boot in grey.

      It’s no secret that women love to change up their wardrobe in the fall. The dark skinny jeans and striped shirt are very stylish. However, if you top it off with a cozy big sweater, you’ll be set for those cool fall days! These black boots are a perfect way to complete this trendy look!

      Another one that involves the popular red rain boots is to wear the boots with skinny jeans, a white sweater and military style jacket. A bright purse like a pink bag could really make this eye catching and be the icing on the cake. Or just some casual jeans with the red boots and a bright colored sweater can look great too.


     Rain boots also look good with shorts. A beautiful way to style this look is to pair grey boots with matching long sleeve t shirt. Khaki shorts will look way better than denim shorts with this combination. That makes a perfect outfit for fishing and hanging out around the lake on rainy days. Or even some cut-offs with a light colored sweater vest can look absolutely adorable.



     Another trending look with sexy red boots could be one involving your favorite ripped jeans with a striped shirt. Top it off with a red plaid scarf, a cute hat, and a designer bag. 

      These cute outfit ideas are for any kind of rainy day activity. Wet Knot boots are one of the only boot company that make Rain boots, ankle boots & women's riding boots made with a direct injection process, meaning no seams for water to sneak in. Wet Knot is focused on maintaining eco-friendly standards, by creating faux leather boots and faux suede boots. Designed with EVA memory foam inserts, our boot styles are pretty much made for your foot so you can run and jump and walk long city blocks without your feet aching. 

Our waterproof boots keep you comfortable and dry in rain or shine.