Wet Knot Boots is Redefining Rain Boots For Women!

Wet Knot Boots is Redefining Rain Boots For Women!

We set out to Re-Define Rain Boots For Women!

Stylish. Comfortable. Waterproof. Rain Boots for Women! 

Wet Knot, like an umbrella for your feet! 

We knew we couldn’t redefine rain boots alone, first we needed to answer a few burning questions:

Do People Still Wear Rain Boots?

Why are Rain Boots Uncomfortable?

Can you wear rain boots without rain & still be stylish?

Does a Stylish Boot that's Waterproof & Comfortable even exist? …..

 Rain boot fashion

We needed to break the mold, but  in order to do that, we had to lean into it a little bit further...

The traditional Rain Boot Foundation is paramount in keeping your feet dry...

Rain boots women

However, when it comes to comfort, they're often quite heavy & clunky...
Instead of using heavy, restrictive rubber, we opted for synthetic rubber, making our boots 10x lighter and way easier to put on and take off!
We also added memory foam liner – so you can wear them all day long– your feet won’t shed a tear. 


rain boots for women 

In terms of style… (let’s be honest,) Rain Boots have basically been "pigeon-holed."

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good Welly
But sometimes those wellies just don’t quite complete the “Look” we’re goin’ for… and sometimes we just can’t, bring another pair of shoes.
Rain boots knee high

Here’s where things got interesting…

Alongside creating the traditional rain boots we’ve all come to love, we really wanted to push ourselves to redefine rain boots for women… which, naturally, came with a few, intriguing ideas…. 

Rain boot sale

Introducing Wet Knot Boots

Stylish. Comfortable. Waterproof. Rain Boots for Women! 

You've already seen The Surrey, above, our traditional women's rain boot… 

Could the trending, stylish ankle boots or classic women's Chelsea boots also be rain boots?

 Meet The Sloane & The Mayfair


The Sloane is our version of the classic the women's chelsea boots. 

The Mayfair is a more stylish and chic ankle designed for those who love ankle boots for dresses.


Check out that stylish faux suede, don’t worry, it’s 100% waterproof… (definitely “child-proo..” we mean, life-proof & practically stain proof as well! )

womnes everyday boot


How about the seasonal Riding Boot?


Meet The Equus, this one’s got Faux Leather, which means it’s cruelty free… and you guessed it still 100% waterproof

riding boots leather, waterproof

If we’re taking it that far, what about those warm winter boots, could they also be waterproof boots?

Meet the Drifter – warmest winter boot.. (we know, we know– it’s not winter– but we’re a MN based company, which means you have to be prepared year round.)

stylish boots for winter

We went off the rails with this one combining, faux suede &  faux fur, we’re pretty sure we’ve made not only the most comfortable & warmest winter boots... but  they are waterproof winter boots to boot.… (ha, see what we did there?! ;) 


Alright…  this is where you come in…

Remember when we said “We knew we couldn’t redefine rain boots alone…” 

It’s time for you to be the judge, only you– our customers– can tell us if we’ve succeeded or not…

Up for the challenge?!

Great! 15% off your first order from us, plus free ground shipping.

If for any reason at all you don’t 100% love these boots after giving them a try, let us know within 30 days, we’ll refund what you paid, no questions asked. (we’re pretty sure you’re gonna LOVE them!)