How to Clean Boots: Wet Knot Makes It Easy

How to Clean Boots: Wet Knot Makes It Easy
Compared to their historical roots, boots have a looser definition today. Boots started out as a protective covering of the foot and lower leg to shield us from the elements. Once even two pieces, boots were an extremely functional footwear category when created.
Today, boots seem to have two distinct roles: functional purpose and fashionable focus. They’ve become a major style element with women often styling their entire look around their favorite boot!
But knowing how to clean boots, especially if they are made of tricky suede, can mean expensive expert cleaning at the local dry cleaner or shoe repair store.
Wet Knot is here with a strong point of view–boots can serve their purpose and deliver timeless style. First and foremost, boots should be functional, stylish, and also comfortable and easy to clean. That’s the DNA of our Wet Knot brand where our rainboots cancel the debate between function and style. Our brand is dedicated to offering a range of waterproof boots with a fashion flair to pair with any outfit, for any activity and event happening.
Our take-me-everywhere lifestyle boots can transport you anywhere you need to go—always in waterproof comfort and style. The many Wet Knot brand loyalists tell us all the ways they wear the boots and they gush over how easy they are to clean with many just hosing them off or taking a wet cloth to the exterior!
From the grocery store to the office, the soccer field to the ice arena or the garden to the mall, Wet Knot delivers with our waterproof style, easy-stride comfort and easy-to-clean boots.
How to Clean Boots – Even Vegan Suede
First you need to know that through our innovative manufacturing process, Wet Knot boots are seamless, and therefore water-tight, and made from a light-weight material so they aren’t loose-fitting and sloppy like traditional rain boots. That’s the waterproof part, and what makes Wet Knot the most comfortable waterproof boots.
Then a faux suede material is affixed to the seamless boot surface to deliver a stylish look way beyond the rubberized and shiny look of traditional rain boots. That fabric not only delivers style, but is stain resistant, and easy to clean for a spot-free look.
Here are step-by-step directions to clean your Wet Knot boots:
5 Steps for How to Clean Boots
  1. Take a soft cloth/rag and remove loose debris.
  2. Mix a small amount of mild dish soap with water, or use isopropyl alcohol, in a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the boot surface.
  3. Wipe the boot surface with the cloth. For heavier soiled areas, you can use a soft toothbrush.
  4. Work small sections at a time, gently rubbing the fabric moving all around the boot surface to keep the material and color consistent to deliver an even clean look.
  5. Pat with a clean dry cloth and let the boots air dry away from direct sun and heat. We have heard some wearers report that this takes as little as 30 minutes!
Or just grab your garden hose and head to the driveway, hose off your Wet Knot boots while they are on your feet, take them off, remove the insole, and let them dry away from direct sun and heat. We have heard from many Wet Knot fans that this works well too!
Whether you are sporting your Wet Knot boots on a dusty trail, muddy garden, wet soccer field taking in a game or just bopping around town and encountered a spill, you can rest assured that these boots are easy to clean and stay looking fabulous.
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