Cancel the Debate Between Style & Function with Wet Knot® Waterproof Boots

When you think of boots, one’s mind immediately jumps to the Fall and Winter seasons. Phrases like “rain boots” or “waterproof boots” bring images of spring showers, puddle jumping and trudging through water or mounds of snow, especially in certain pockets of the U.S.

Boots often have a purpose. And when it comes to waterproof boots, that purpose has been to keep our feet dry, warm and comfy from mother nature’s elements. For true waterproof function, you can grab the utilitarian garden boot, jump toward a design like a high-end hiker made for the mountains, or risk ruining your favorite stylish leather boots.

It always seemed that you had to decide between style or function when it came to waterproof footwear.

Until now.

Introducing Wet Knot® Waterproof Boots

Introducing category-maker Wet Knot, a new American-based boot brand dedicated to high-end craftsmanship that combines waterproof and “weather-ready” technologies with timeless style. The team at Wet Knot has created something truly special with these boots: a new kind of waterproof footwear that can take you from rain to shine, snow to sidewalk, lawn party to music festival, shopping to the office -- and all points in between.

Let’s take the Sloane Chelsea Boot as a great example. It’s an ankle boot with side elastic panels for easy-on and off offered in tan, mocha, black and grey faux suede uppers. Its lug sole, round toe and contrast stitching give it universal flair that can be paired with a range of apparel from shorts to capris, mid-length flirty dresses to short skirts or classic denim jeans.

According to the fashionistas at Marie Claire online, if you are wondering which accessories to invest in for Fall 2021, they have two words for you: Ankle Boots!

History of the Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea style of ankle boot dates back to Victorian era and got its name in the 1950s and ‘60s from Chelsea, a hip area of London. J. Sparkes Hall, one of Queen Victoria’s bootmakers, originally designed the boot style for walking and riding. In the mid 20th century, this boot style took off — associated with the fashion of the King’s Road in Chelsea and made hotly popular by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, whose band members regularly rocked the style. Chelsea boots remain a popular unisex fashion statement and wardrobe staple to this day.

Wet Knot’s Sloane style is unique among Chelsea Boots, delivering lightweight waterproof style for rain or shine with a removable memory foam footbed for all-day easy-stride comfort. Styling the Sloane boot is easy and covers a breadth of looks. From grocery shopping in the rain to music festival mayhem…a visit to the apple orchard or a Sunday holiday hayride…to the office or to the mall. These take-me-everywhere lifestyle boots can transport you anywhere you need to go — in waterproof comfort and style.

Why Wet Knot? The Story Behind the Name of Our Waterproof Boots

The brand name, Wet Knot, was inspired by the sailing knot of the same name (aka the Water Knot) to highlight the combined strength of the materials that make Wet Knot boots reliable and timeless, and to signify the boots’ imperviousness to water.

Wet Knot boots are enabled by proprietary, patented technology that fuses together a seamless lightweight boot foundation, married with a faux suede textile surface. That all may sound a bit techie, but all you really need to know is that these two forces come together to create Wet Knot’s waterproof-meets-style designs.

Wet Knot boots are easy care and easy clean and their uppers will withstand rain, snow, water, salt or mud. And we mean it. To clean these boots, you can literally hose off the upper material of all Wet Knot boots and they will maintain their quality and timeless style for years to come.

Shop the range of waterproof and timeless Wet Knot boots here featuring high, mid and ankle-shaft styles including the Sloane, Mayfair, Equus, Surrey and the Drifter boots.