New York Fashion Week: Street Style as Important as Runway Looks

New York Fashion Week: Street Style as Important as Runway Looks
New York Fashion Week’s September shows are aimed at unveiling the forthcoming looks for Spring season, in this year’s case, Spring 2022 style.
What will be available at retail stores? What will we buy and wear regularly? What might inspire us to shop recycling retail, like Plato’s Closet? NYFW happens twice a year, in September for Spring and in February for Fall.
With pent up energy of 20 months of no shows, the streets were alive all over NYC with “Street Style” looks that got just as much coverage from the fashion press as the runway looks from Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch to Christian Siriano and Theophilio.
While the fashion press does its job of checking out the runways for next season’s biggest trends from head-to-toe, this year, some of the most press-worthy looks came from the wild — aka the subway-grated NYC streets!
As put it, “the streets are alive with the sound of clunky boots running to shows all over the city.” And skin-baring looks, especially open midriffs and bellies abounded. There was a strong business-on-bottom-party-on-top look, meaning extravagant tops paired with sleek skirts and bottoms.
Refinery29 spotted this Street Style during the Sept. shows featuring a mash-up of a school-girl-meets-mod floral vibe grounded in a sleek Chelsea boot.
Also spotted were knee-high boots paired with micro-skirts and menswear jackets worn as a dress.
The Wet Knot editorial team’s fave coverage of Street Style during NYFW was from The Cut, with its day-by-day feature of a range of looks. (Check out the split-toe shoes featured twice on Day 5!)
This footwear trend is making a bit of a comeback. Yes, you heard that right! Maybe you missed it—our team did. Split toe styles appeared on the scene in the ‘90s and apparently are making a Street Style return, according to the Fashion team at The Guardian, which spotted the trend last Fall on the streets of London.
Your Street Style Starts Here—With or Without the Buzz of Fashion Week
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Two things are for certain with Street Style there are no rules and boots can be worn with everything!
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