Faux is Better - Faux Leather & Faux Suede Boots

Faux is Better - Faux Leather & Faux Suede Boots
So many of us love our suede boots. They are classic and comfy and are like outdoor slippers for our shopping treks and shuttling the kids to and fro. But boy oh boy, are they hard to keep clean and looking good. And if you are living in the north, the salt and grime of the winter season can really raise havoc on suede boots – making them look terrible and costly to clean by the specialists at the dry cleaner.
Wet Knot’s boots deliver the same comfy, cozy boot look, but the technical faux suede material makes it a snap to keep clean and keep looking good, especially for our Drifter style. These boots are 100% waterproof, with the core boot material made of synthetic rubber, which is lighter weight, flexible, and less sloppy than traditional rain boots. You can mud-around in these boots and literally hose them off to clean them.
Ease of cleaning is a major key benefit of faux suede boots. But there is even more to the faux suede story. Here are three reasons why faux suede is better than the real stuff:
#1. Animal-friendly! No animals were harmed in the making of Wet Knot faux suede boots. There is no animal hide, no animal-based glue, no animal byproducts whatsoever in our Wet Knot branded footwear. We have a loyal following among Vegan wearers. You can wear these boots knowing you are doing right by our four-legged friends.
#2. Stain repellant. The technical faux suede fashion fabric is the outer layer that aids in the waterproofing of Wet Knot. So, the fabric repels water. But more importantly, it repels stains too! This impervious fabric has an important dual purpose – it doesn’t let water in and won’t let stains stick.
#3. Maintains Appearance. The timeless style and quality look of Wet Knot boots will be maintained for years and years to come. Unlike real suede boots that can look shabby after one intense-weather outing, Wet Knot boots stand up to the elements. You can be put these boots through just about anything and they come out looking fabulous. Why? Because they are rain boots at their core – completely waterproof! But also fashionable. You heard that right – the Wet Knot brand team has literally reinvented the rain boot footwear category, creating fashionable rain boots.
As many of us are gearing up to take on the wintery season and ready to boot-up, check out Wet Knot to help you meet the season head-on in style.