Can We Wear Boots In The Summer?

Can We Wear Boots In The Summer?

We’re used to seeing boots worn in the cooler months, and shorts being worn in warmer weather, but can we wear boots in the summer?

It’s been a growing trend with celebrities and fashionistas around the world to pair these two pieces together resulting in a super stylish, trend-setting look. 

From adding a pair of flat heel boots to your go-to cut-offs to subbing your dress and heels for the sleek women’s booties with heels, short ankle boots are a great way to give your summer look a cool fun edge, plus they look great on.

Do ankle boots go with dresses?

When it comes to dresses or skirts, there aren’t many rules that go along with wearing boots. This means you can mix a variety of dress & skirt styles + lengths with almost any boot style, especially ankle boots and you can basically guarantee you’re going to look awesome!

Do ankle boots go with dresses

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How to wear ankle boots?


Flat heeled boots pair perfectly with your more casual dresses, t-shirt dresses & denims with a graphic tee. Flat ankle boots are the most comfortable ankle boots, making them the perfect women’s everyday boot!


Women’s booties with heels complete the look for professional dresses & cocktail-length dresses, especially if you want to catch a break from the heels and still look perfectly styled. 


What are some tips for wearing shorts with boots?

 Ankle boots will look great with all your shorts, especially those of the denim variety, but you’re going for chic and elegant, then you should pair boots with kitten heels with soft materials including tweed, sequins, lace or velvet.

 Our version of the trending women’s Chelsea boot, The Sloane, is a perfect example of street style meets city style.

What are some tips for wearing ankle boots with shorts?

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Wet Knot boots are always 100% waterproof boots for women and super comfy giving you an advantage at an outdoor concert or weekend at a cabin because your feet will stay dry and protected no matter what the weather.

Can we wear boots in the summer?