How Wet Knot Boots Redefined the Rain Boot Category

The Wet Knot brand team set out to make waterproof rain boots fashionable. Why? Because on rainy days, they were seeing women across America sport their traditional, sloppy and over-sized rain boots outside, only to swap them out for stylish footwear once arriving to their indoor destination. As well, as veteran footwear experts, the team also heard from women that packing for a trip, even a weekend get-away, entailed way too many shoes -- weather-ready and stylish styles.

They thought, why can’t a waterproof rain boot be footwear for the whole day? And why can’t a single pair of rain boots be the only pair of shoes one packs for a weekend or day trip?

Good questions! These questions led to the creation of Wet Knot boots, which have redefined the rain boot category because these boots are waterproof AND stylish. These boots are spot-on for the day you expect rain, but never encounter a drop. These boots can anchor workwear style, trudge you through the rain to office, and deliver day-long confidence and comfort. These distinct waterproof boots keep water out and fashion a top priority. So much so, you will grab these go-to boots on a cloudless day.

Secret Sauce

So, what’s the secret sauce behind Wet Knot boots? Well, it’s all about the materials and the process. For those fashionistas that like to geek-out and know a bit more about the products they wear, this blog post is for you!

The secret sauce of Wet Knot boots is the proprietary, patented technology that fuses together a seamless boot foundation made of synthetic rubber with a technical fashion textile fabric. The synthetic rubber is lighter weight and more flexible than traditional rubber and delivers on Wet Knot’s waterproof promise. The technical fabric, along with key details like lug soles, WK-branded studs, stitching, faux shearling and elastic gore inlays, delivers on the fashion. These elements all come together in a waterproof-meets-fashion boot for any-time wearing. These boots perform and wear like leather boots, and will become your first-grab footwear staple to carry you from the office to outdoor party, grocery store to soccer field, yoga session to the wine bar – and all points in between.

Brand DNA

Keeping feet dry, comfortable and fashion forward is core to Wet Knot’s brand DNA. We created this new footwear category and are committed to leading it. Today we offer five styles including:

· Sloane Chelsea -- an ankle boot with side elastic gore detailing and a classic lug sole.

· Mayfair -- also an ankle boot with sleeker lines, stitching and a WK-branded simple sliver stud.

· Surrey -- our version of the traditional rain boot, but lighter weight and more flexible, and it comes in three fun colors.

· Drifter – a mid-calf style made of faux suede with plenty of details including faux shearling, button loop and tonal stitching. With the Drifter, you can take on any weather, even winter and its salt and grime, with no worries of wrecking your boots or expensive dry cleaning.

· Equus – a tall, equestrian styled boot with quilted stitching detail and classic pull-on loops.

Plans for continued expansion with waterproof boots featuring timeless, on-trend style are in the works. Shop our current styles now.