Beyond Basic: Four Ways to Style Sloane Chelsea Boots for Women

The Chelsea style of ankle boot dates back to Victorian era and got its name in the 1950s and 60s from Chelsea, a hip area of London. According to Marie Claire, the story goes like this: the Queen wanted a laceless riding boot because those pesky laces got caught up in the stirrups.

J. Sparkes Hall, one of Queen Victoria’s bootmakers, delivered. What was a functional boot, called the “Paddock” and designed for riding in 1837, became mad fashion as band members from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones wore the style, making them hotly popular for men and women alike.

Now, decades later, the Chelsea style is a must-have wardrobe staple, and Wet Knot®'s Sloane Chelsea boot is like no other! Why? Its timeless style is waterproof. Yes, you heard that right, completely waterproof! The team at Wet Knot is laser focused on timeless waterproof boot fashion and this Sloane Chelsea boot can take you from rain to shine, snow to sidewalk, lawn party to music festival, shopping to the office—and all points in between.

Check Out These 4 Ways to Style our Sloane Chelsea Boots

1. With a Dress! Pair our Sloane style with dress for a free-spirited boho look. Whether maxi, midi or mini, the timeless style pairs well with dresses. This look is perfect for any season—day, night or a weekend outing.

2. With Leggings. No, you haven’t been transported back in time to 2008. You are here and now in 2021, and the leggings trend is hot and comes in a wide range of styles, colors, designs and fabrics. Some think the rebirth of this trend has been driven by the pandemic, where comfort apparel became the norm as we worked from our homes and zoomed to meetings. This comfortable second-skin pant is fun to rock, especially with boots! Leggings are a key staple for today’s Street Style. Skip the sneakers. When paired with boots, this look delivers on this hot new trend as spotted at New York Fashion Week and the Sept. 2021 shows!

3. With Denim! The Sloane is an ankle boot, also known as the “Shootie” for its shoe-meets-boot design or “Bootie,” a nod to its boot structure and short only-to-the ankle height. It’s a great pair up to denim of all types: boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans, denim shorts to denim skirts. Our Sloane boot comes in four fabulous hues: tan, mocha, black and grey. Every single one of these colors pairs great with denim because of the stylish faux suede upper!

4. With Workwear. According to the Harvard Business Review, there are many benefits of heading back to the office. And for the team at Wet Knot®, we added another benefit—getting dressed for the day and showing off some fashion! While the rush back to the office may delayed for now, let’s get prepped. Our Sloane Chelsea boots pair nicely with workwear and offers a unique moment to show off your timeless style.

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